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An inventory is a true representation of your property taken before the start of any tenancy.  In order to ensure the property is returned to you in the best possible condition, it is essential that a detailed and thorough inventory is taken prior to a tenant moving in.


All rooms are described with great attention to detail from floor to ceiling. Gardens and outbuildings are also included in the Inventory Report and no room or outside area is left uncovered. Gas, electric and water meter readings are also documented.  

1. Inventory Report

Receiving the Keys

If required, we will meet the tenants at the property and go through the Inventory Report discussing any key points regarding fixtures and fittings and the cleanliness and condition of the property. We also sign off the meter readings and agree any additional comments that also need to be included in the Inventory Report.


We fully explain the ‘check out’ procedure with the tenant, what their responsibilities are regarding the maintenance of the property and any damage caused during the tenancy before handing over keys. The tenant signs and dates the Declaration and copies of the Inventory Reports are sent to all parties. 

2. Tenant Check In

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Once the tenancy commences, it’s always a good idea to ensure the tenants are maintaining the property to the highest standard. Should there be any problems, it’s important they are addressed sooner rather than later. The interim report is useful for all parties and can be scheduled at an interval that suits both the tenant and the landlord. It also highlights who is responsible for what early on in the tenancy and avoids any unwanted disputes later on.


We are fully converse in complaint management and can offer free impartial dispute resolution advice, preventing any costly delays or dealings with the Ombudsman Services.   

3. Interim Inspection 

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If required, we will visit the property with or without the tenant present. A comparable is done between the original Inventory Report against the current state of the property and any differences noted. We will clearly indicate whether the differences need to be made good, are a result of fair wear & tear, need to be cleaned or are a result of maintenance issues. We will highlight with the tenant, if appropriate, any areas that may affect the return of their deposit.


We will take closing meter readings and can accept the return of the property’s keys on your behalf. We will complete a 'check out' Declaration and provide you with  forwarding address for the tenant. 

4. Tenant Check Out

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We cover all areas of the south coast.

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